Kris Barcik has long been recognized as one of the finest Polish guitarists and composers. While being well versed and educated in the rich tradition of European and American music, Mr.Barcik is a sensitive artist with a professional approach to the realities of today’s music.

Krzysztof Barcik, graduated at the University of Miami, Florida and the Academy of Music Katowice, Poland with Special Honors and Master Degree, he has recorded more than 1000 original tunes to date. Krzysztof Barcik was honored in 1994 by Music Magazine ” Gitara i Bas”- The Best Guitar Synth Player in Poland.

He was also commissioned to record solo guitar soundtracks for a major Hollywood and European Studios and to perform lead guitar for various European stars recordings resulting in credits on more than 150 albums, many with global distribution. He has several rock fusion hits there.

What’s more, Barcik has created music for TV in the commercial and film markets and has appeared with many of the top performers/composers in film industry / Zbigniew Preisner, Pawel Mykietyn /, jazz and pop music. Over the years, Barcik has performed with Concert Jazz Band University of Miami and with wide range of jazz greats, including Joe Henderson, Maria Schneider and many more. Barcik’s body of work includes compositions for solo electric and acoustic guitars, electronic music, small ensembles, large orchestras, with settings ranging from modern pop to rock, fusion, electronic, classical to jazz and beyond.

Currently, as co-founder in 2014, Krzysztof Barcik is the chairman of the Music Library Eurozone Music.